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Thread: I ordered Primal Fuel.........

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    I ordered Primal Fuel.........

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    Yes I did -the price was a shock but I am going to try it for one reason only..
    I am a type 1 diabetic(fecked pancreas)on a insulin pump and have been full on primal for a year now- it has been the best way to eat for me keeping BGs very stable between 4.7-5.8s most days unless I have a sick days (these happen less now thank you to Primal)
    my last HB1AC was 5.6 .......(due to primal and Bernstien)
    I do have days that I call off-days where I hate food !! So the days I just cant eat I hope to be able to have the Primal fuel as an alternative to forcing food-I am hoping it doesnt affect my BGs levels with a huge spike otherwise it will all be counter productive and I will have to drop the Fuel too!!!
    I will let you know how i get on......
    Anyone out there had experience with Fuel and BGs ???

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    I also ordered that quite recently (the chocolate one) and found it reasonably paletteable. However, had no scoop! Only a small problem but an annoying one as I have to weight it out instead.
    DONT try it as a hot drink! I tried it and its vile! LOL
    It certainly fills me up when Im not able to cook a meal for whatever reason so Im glad I bought it - even though - as you say, its expensive!

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