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Thread: Metro Dash Seattle 2010 - "The Gauntlet" Crazy Video

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    Metro Dash Seattle 2010 - "The Gauntlet" Crazy Video

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    Hey everyone,

    We had a quick little Primal get together with some of the members of the Primal Seattle Group.

    The "Seattle Metro Dash" was conquered by the Primals! (Sort of...)

    But here's a quick video of the event. 1 hour and 29 mins reduced to 4

    Have fun!

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    Had some friends from my old CrossFit Box do the Seattle Metro Dash last weekend. My current Box had to many conflicts. Sounds like it was a blast. Sorry to have meissed out on a Group meet up.

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    Nice video! Looks like you all had a great workout. It's cool to see these types of activities popping up in various cities.
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