I've been taking chemical-free showers for about 3 weeks now. I am just as amazed at the improvements I saw here as with my first few weeks of primal living. Naturally, I still use soap to wash my hands when preparing food, or if I think they warrant de-contamination. I'll break it down:

- I quit shampoo and conditioner cold turkey. I vigorously scrub my hair and scalp with my hands using only hot water. I found I could get a lot of the excess oil out of my hair doing this.
- At first it was oily and felt waxy in the shower. This lasted about 2 weeks while my epidermis was adjusting.
- After the second week my hair caught on and my scalp stopped producing excess oil. Now when I scrub my hair it's just a mild, healthy, slightly slick feeling.
- I no longer have dandruff. And I have had dandruff my entire life. This alone is worth ANY effort.
- My hair is absurdly manageable. I need zero styling products in the morning. I throw a little water in my hands, and run in through my hair. I'm amazed at how I can produce some pretty extreme 'zero-g' hairstyles using only water and my natural hair oil.

- My skin is no longer dry and scaly from detergents.
- Everything is still clean and odor-free.
- If something is extra dirty (i.e. my soles after a long, barefoot walk) I use a loofah or boar brush to scrub it away. Sans soap of course!
- No soapy smell! This is obvious, but I couldn't stand smelling like a walking bar of soap. I usually went for fragrance free soaps before, now it's a no-brainer.

- Combined with the PB diet, I no longer have breakouts. I no longer wash my face with anything but hot water.
- Similar to my hair, my face was a little oily the first couple weeks. After that it evened out.
- I had been doing this for years, but it's in the same vein: no more shaving cream! I use a fogless shower mirror. Run warm water over your face and the razor. I have effortless shaving with no nicks, bumps or razor burn. Nothing hurts and nothing gets inflamed even if I go 'against the grain' to really get a smooth shave. It also takes about 1/3 of the time to shave without that white crap on your face.
- My skin tone is more even now. The small scars from acne as a teenager are slightly fading.
- I can just 'tell' that the skin on my face is healthier. Looking in the mirror, I see a slightly younger, healthier face

Try this for three weeks. You will never go back to slathering yourself with parabens and chemicles.