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Thread: Does it take willpower to get through the first three weeks?

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    Does it take willpower to get through the first three weeks?

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    I'm heading into my sixth week of PB eating, but I have yet to get beyond 2 weeks of being strictly PB. I continue to be "tricked" by my brain and/or body into having something carby under the mistaken belief that now, finally, I can handle it. After many, many years of eating experience, I know that I can't handle the excess carbs, and I have definitely seen the benefits of the PB and want to continue to eat this way.

    Logically, there is no reason for me to even want something sweet. Most of the time, I don't want it. But at about the 10-day mark, I start to think about it. I can use willpower to get myself to about 14 days, but then the conversation in my head goes something like this, "Just go ahead and eat that doughnut and get it over with. You've been fighting this for several days now, and you know once you eat it you will be able be able to get back on track." or "If you do eat it, you can eat whatever you want the rest of the day - the mess-up will give you permission to eat all the carbs you want...just for one day."

    Problem is, it takes me the rest of the day, and sometimes several days, to get back on track. I'm just coming off a 3-day bender, as a matter-of-fact.

    This woe is so easy most of the time...why can't I make it past 2 weeks? Do I just need to keep up the willpower until the cravings fade?

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    For me, it was pretty easy. Past the 2 year mark already, and still am eating 99.9999% primal. Had a teaspoon of chocolate cake when my friend forced it into my mouth for his birthday a few months ago. Other than that, I have not knowingly "cheated" even once. I'm sure I have ingested some sugar or MSG or vege oils during the rare times that I eat out too.

    I know this is what made it so easy: eat enough fat so that I feel totally satisfied.

    You can put a nice tub of Haagan Daz strawberry ice cream in front of me, but it's useless when I feel full all the time and simply have no space for it.

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    For me it is pretty easy unless I drink alcohol, then it can be more difficult. But recently, I haven't had much desire for a drink. OTOH, there are plenty of primal people, from Drs. Eades on down, who drink every day.

    It helped me a lot in the early stages to have almonds, almond butter and grapes around, to wean myself off of the sugar and starches. After a while, I cut way back on those too.

    edit: I'm now at the point where I don't crave sugar and starch, and I enjoy eating even more than I did before going primal, which is a nice thing.

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    You need to define WHY you want to be on PB. I would suggest even writing down the WHYs and read them daily, especially if you have a time of the day that seems the hardest (right before dinner, or at 2pm, or when you are headed out to eat) Put them on your phone, or write them on little cards in your wallet or something where they are handy.
    Address different thoughts that sabatoge you, What goes through your mind when you are making that decision to go off plan? Is is something like Its not fair that they can eat this and I cannot or is it I really just want one bite of that cake, just one bite

    Then a card would look something like this I feel that it is not fair that they can eat that kind of food, but I cannot....BUT it is not that important to me to 'fit in with the crowd'

    Or to address the craving of a particular food I think I really really want a that ______ BUT I am going to wait for 2 hours, and eat something that is on plan between now and then, It's more important to me to have health than to have ____"

    You brain has alot of power, and you can easily retrain it. Be prepared with the right foods available where ever you are, and get rid of the junk. Just keep reminding yourself WHY you want to do this

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    I didn't find it very hard, but my approach to cravings was to allow myself to eat anything primal in replacement. So for the first month I ate a lot of bacon and cashew butter. I still eat a lot of nuts.
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    You must stop eating carbs until you have broken your addiction. 10 days is nowhere near enough time. Try 10 weeks, or better yet, 10 months. That's what I had to do. Yes, it does take willpower; there's no way around that.
    Primal eating in a nutshell: If you are hungry, eat Primal food until you are satisfied (not stuffed). Then stop. Wait until you're hungry again. Repeat.

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    Have you upped your fat intake? You may be running low on energy so you body starts cravings. Up the fat intake and the cravings fade.

    Refer to the, "Yes, you must eat the fat" thread.

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    I have been at it for almost 3 weeks and I haven't been tempted once by the sweets, and I was an addict to sugar. I am making sure i get enough fat in so I think that is helping me feel full. I can sit in front of brownies, cake, donuts, and feel no desire to even touch, even the smell of them doesn't do much for me.
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    If you truly, deeply want something, nothing in the world can stop you.

    If a silly little muffin, or a potato, or piece of bread is enough to completely derail you, then you don't want it bad enough. You like the idea of being healthy, but deep down, you really don't want it for yourself.

    -This is what I tell myself whenever I question my will power. Made switching to primal a breeze, as well any other thing I want to accomplish.
    - If it was cute and cuddly at some point, eat it. Ignore everything else. -

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sassy View Post
    I didn't find it very hard, but my approach to cravings was to allow myself to eat anything primal in replacement. So for the first month I ate a lot of bacon and cashew butter. I still eat a lot of nuts.
    This is what I did, too. Every time I had a craving, I had plenty of something primal on hand. Nuts. Jerky. Cheese.

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