Well I did introduce myself on the intro board about a week or so ago and I figured I would start a journal for myself and for whoever would be interested in following.

Most of my life I have been tall and average weight, I was diagnosed with PCOS at the age of 17. I was rather thin in High School and then College put on some weight but had jobs that required me to be walking or on my feet for several hours a day, so keeping my weight in a healthy range was easy, I wouldn't go anywhere near as far to say I was healthy though. I loved my fast food, I loved my sweets. My mom cooked organic at home but when I was out throughout the day I wasn't eating anything organic.

Fast Forward to about 12 years ago, I quit my job as a store manager and took a more sedentary job, that is when the weight crept up rather fast. It was hard to manage it, I would workout for hours in the gym, try calorie restriction with some success but it would come back. At Christmas '00 I got engaged to my wonderful husband and our wedding was 6/01 so I was able to drop a crazy amount of weight to look nice on my wedding day, but of course after the wedding...it still came back...ballooned from 175 to 232, when my obgyn said you need to start to lose weight you are prediabetic. I cried and I changed, I dropped down to 190 and sat there for a time until I got preggo with my 1st son who is now 6.....during that pregnancy I was 265 when I gave birth. I eventually got down to about 214 over that next year and half again through CW and found myself pregnant with my 2nd son, with that pregnancy I gained only about 20lbs of which he was 10lbs of it. So losing weight after him was easy but I can never break the 200 curse as I call it.

Last year January '09 I got back up to that 232 point and had my husband take a photo of me with just a bra and underwear on and I saw how obese I really was. I cried once again and vowed to change. Only relying on CW I busted my hump excercising and doing WW I got myself down to 199 in about 4 months and then my father died a few months later....you guessed it, I packed on the weight again, only getting to 222 this time. Now May 2010 I am frustrated at 222 and order P90X picking up WW again and dropped about 13lbs but started gaining some of it back again.....completely frustrating that my body wasn't cooperating. I complained to a friend my frustrations and she led me hear.

I started PB on 9/24/10 without even fully reading the book and immediately started dropping weight. I of course have finished the book now and I am soooo happy!! PB has been a lifesaver in so many ways. I finally feel free from the viscious cycle. I feel liberated from the CW cycle. I can't believe how easy it has been to lose. I woke up this morning and I was down to 205, so that is 10lbs gone on PB and 17lbs down since August !! I am confident this will finally be the thing that breaks the 200 curse. I used to be afraid to tell people I was losing weight because I was so tired of having the yo yo weight. I am so glad not to be counting points, fat grams, calories in, calories out. I love that I am not busting my hump trying to jam in hours of workouts and having no social life as a result of all this effort. I also failed to mention this but I am a homeschooling mom, so I am thankful that I have the opportunity to change my kids patterns of carb addicts, that they are getting homemade good for them primal food and help them lead healthier lives. We would love to have a 3rd child but after a whole year of "trying" nothing has happened and I know it is the PCOS and my weight issues. I am finally feeling peace with that too knowing that I will have a much better chance at ovulating once my body is not carrying around all this visceral fat on my apple frame.

Speaking of my kids...I took them up to the football field, which is 3 blocks from our house and we ran stadium stairs for 30 minutes the other day. They had so much fun they are 6 and 4 years old. I am so glad they think this is fun before they get that mindset that being active is a pain, I hope that both my husband and I can help them remain active and fight this plague of childhood obesity. Right now both of my little boys are like string beans, tall and thin but I want them to remain healthy!!

Thanks for listening to me for those who read this so far. I will keep you all posted as to my progress. I am not really much into keeping track of my food...did that for too many years I am burnt out from food journaling