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Thread: Mental, Mood changing effects of Primal Diet. What have you noticed?

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    Mental, Mood changing effects of Primal Diet. What have you noticed?

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    Have you noticed any mood changing properties after going on the primal diet?

    Has it significantly helped with anxiety, depression, ADHD, concentration or memory? More positive feelings of well-being, energy, etc?

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    I think I am more even tempered. I used to get pretty cranky when I had low blood sugar.

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    Please don't feel you need to post only if you have noticed mood changes, if you haven't noticed any please feel free to say so. It's ok, there are other benefits to Primal than mental changes.

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    I am notably more easygoing and less stressed out. I think part of this was maturity/life circumstances, but I wouldn't be surprised if nutrition was also a factor. I now understand that lack of animal products in the diet negatively affects our ability to produce seratonin.
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    Hello again. When I get out and do my hill-sprints and fitness in the woods I feel very alive. It seems to satisfy the need for a particular psychological and physiological experience. Basketball is comparable due to the coalition psychology and battle emulation of it but there's just something about a lot of trees below an open sky that I need to experience often.

    With regards to diet I feel better so naturally my mood is better all of the time. I'm less prone to anger the more I progress in health the better it gets. Good emotions are somewhat more pronounced. Stress seems to be the more stimulating kind, even if the situation is more confrontational. Self-confidence is up too.

    What I have noticed is that when I switched to a DHA dominant fish oil supplement and started eating more brains my mental capacity and mood improved compared to the generic fish oil which provide more EPA than DHA. This seems counter-intuitive because EPA is touted as mood-improving but I think that the fallacy lies in assuming that because DHA without EPA doesn't improve mood then EPA is the mood omega 3 fatty acid and should be emphasized in people with mood disorders. But I think that while a little EPA, likely the amount found in animal brains is necessary and a good thing, too much can block the effects of arachidonic acid action and be a detriment. Though I think some of the benefits might be in phospholipids in brains, the EPA issue is very real.
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    Overall, I have noticed more energy, and I have definitely felt the adverse effects of "going off plan" more acutely now that certain foods are no longer a staple in my diet. I think going primal actually helped me muster the courage to face what I now know to be a lifelong struggle with ADD, because I was able to notice which foods and behaviors (lack of sleep, not enough movement, stress, etc) were more likely to elevate my ADD symptoms.

    Even with my primal diet and renewed approach to fitness, I did decide with my doctor's help (a doctor I really trust) to try a combination of ADD medication, vitamin D and Omega 3's to help stabilize my brain function. My biggest struggle prior to going on the medication (5mg Adderall 3x/day) was a constant, gnawing anxiety--what I would equate to having about a hundred little children all needing me at once. That anxiety has notably diminished with the medication, and oddly enough, being on the medication makes me even MORE sensitive to the presence of non-primal foods, especially sugar and wheat.

    Also I have way less joint pain on the primal diet. Which is good, since my mom has debilitating osteoarthritis and gout at age 68!

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    I've been on again and off again in the midst of pretty significant life stresses, which I suppose makes me my own control.

    I have been eating primal again for about one week, and I have added Mark's Damage Control and Primal Calm to my regimen of fish oil, Vit. D and magnesium.

    I have had the first good night's sleep in ages, and I've gone from a quivering, jittery, weepy bundles of nerves to something almost like well-being. I've had really profound fatigue, and I've done more things in the past two days than I have in the past 2 months. I feel hopeful and far less helpless and worn out.

    I guess you could say my anxiety is reduced, my resilience increased, my sleep improved, my rapacious appetite under's all good.


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    Quote Originally Posted by EvolutionaryPsychologist View Post
    Have you noticed any mood changing properties after going on the primal diet?

    Has it significantly helped with anxiety, depression,
    Excellent blood glucose stability, zinc, optimal Ω3:Ω6 ratios and vitamin D have been effective anxiety and depression treatments for me. So yes, primal has been helpful, but I really still do have to watch the details of it in a way that not everyone does.

    Note: while adapting to no grains/no sugar, I had a great deal of trouble sleeping and anxiety was much much worse. Then everything evened out, I became ketoadapted (even though primal isn't necessarily a ketogenic diet)

    ADHD, concentration or memory?
    No, except where low blood sugar affected concentration. I take stimulant meds for ADHD and that of course has a *huge* documented affect on concentration and working memory.

    More positive feelings of well-being, energy, etc?

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    I've been at this a little over three months and the overall feeling I have is that I've evened out emotionally. I feel more relaxed, confident and in control because I'm not constantly fighting with myself over cravings and I'm no longer on the blood sugar roller coaster. I used to stress eat too which in turn caused me more stress. Living primal has helped me manage my stress in healthier ways. Now when I feel antsy, I walk instead of reaching for something sugary or carby. Food is fuel and nourishment now, rather than a distraction and crutch and that change of view has made a huge difference.

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    No change that I can detect. I have had emotional issues in the past. Mostly mellowed out. I am feeling what seems like a bit of seasonal affective disorder.

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