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Thread: Those weird little bonuses

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    A really weird one for me, but one I'm very grateful for. I have a keloid scar and it sits right where my bra strap sits, or my handbag. It has always, for as long as I can remember, itched and burned and stung like crazy. A fortnight or so ago, I realised I haven't felt it do anything like that. It doesn't even do it when I touch it. Yay!

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    Great thread. I enjoy the feeling of wellness that I have after eating a meal. Maybe another description would be peacefulness, with a good buzz thrown on top. It's better than how I used to feel after eating: like taking a nap. It's as if I can actually feel my body being nourished by the food its processing.

    Plus all the other benefits I've enjoyed in the past year since losing 60 pounds and going (mostly) primal: lower blood pressure, far less chronic pain, better skin, better sleep, no more congestion.

    And the vivid dreams. Glad to see other people are having that. One theory I have is that the brain is healing from chronic inflammation and the vivid dreams are a side effect?!

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    This probably isn't a weird bonus, I bet it's actually quite common, but I love no longer looking 5 months pregnant 2 hours after a meal from all the bloating caused by grains!

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    A fatty tumor of mine is shrinking. took two years for it to take the hint that i want it gone but it is finally smaller than when i first noticed it
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    I have a small dark blue cluster of veins on the side of my thigh - been there since I was a teenager. It's fading away. I first noticed it last week.

    I too have the anti-granny hands going on! The skin is tightening and the veins are much less noticable than they were just a week ago.

    I had a weird rash on the side of one finger that only went away if I got special cream from the dermatologist and applied diligently for a month, wearing a bandaid over the rash 24/7. The rash has come back repeatedly over the past 10 years. Now it's drying up and getting smaller and is almost gone.

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    I'd mentioned previously my hair was growing faster, but also it's a lot smoother and shinier as well. I've always had naturally curly hair that was a little on the course side and tended to tangle easily. Now it's very smooth and doesn't tangle nearly as much.
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    Quote Originally Posted by shadoemckee View Post
    Oh, I can't wait for this! I've always wondered what causes this.
    I have heard (concerning wine) that many people are allergic to the sulfites added to it. If you look on the back of the label to see if it says "sulfites added" than there is more likelihood of a stuffy nose. Also I've heard about pesticides on the grapes causing such reactions. I also get stuffy noses with red wine sometimes. I noticed it's less prominent with organic wines. I haven't been drinking as much since I went primal so I haven't thought about the stuffy nose thing, but I think maybe I'm not having stuffed up sinuses either. I'm curious now!

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    . . . No more being a slave to hunger every 1-2 hours. I can even go 24 without eating and it's no big deal. Mood is much better. Occassional depression-gone! Wake up feeling refreshed instead of in an insulin-induced hangover. Hair and skin look better then ever. On and on. Isn't it awesome?!

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    Going the low-carb, primal route took me completely off Pepcid.

    From my experience, excess acid is entirely traceable to breads and other similar starches. Regular sugars are also related, but I can eat a limited amount of sugar in yogurt and fruit without ill effect.

    If I do something stupid like eating pizza at a friend's house, the acid reflux monster comes right back.

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    Me either and I used to be a stinker!

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