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Thread: Those weird little bonuses

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jett Airliner View Post
    I only wash my hair when I cut it every couple months. I completely forget that other people wash it every day.
    I have long, fine hair that I no longer cut. Even I don't have to wash it very often. In between shampoos I'll just rub some baking soda into my scalp, rinse then do a vinegar rinse and I'm good to go and don't get it wet again for about 3 days. I think the longest I've gone now between shampoos is 2 weeks.
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    Six years ago, my mother was in hospital, on a ward on a higher floor. My husband would insist on using the stairs, not the lift, when we visited, and I would drag my aching bones up behind him, slowly and resentfully.

    Last week, my mother-in-law was in hospital, in a ward on the second floor. I was happy to have the opportunity to run up the stairs to visit her.

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    When I tried to give blood last month (and was denied for low iron - topic for another time), they took my blood pressure and it was 100/70. Pre-primal it was usually 120/80.

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    I think the circles under my eyes are diminishing. Is that possible after only a week being Primal??

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    Well I have the first cold in 5 years so that's not a bonus...

    but I have the scaly upper arm skin that is gone. I had one dry elbow that is gone. Acne is improved significantly, energy up, weight lost.

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    I am about 2 months primal here, and here are some things that I've noticed:

    No more fighting hives almost every day unless I eat something that I shouldn't be eating, like the dark chocolate I ate on Sunday that said "may contain gluten." Who puts gluten in chocolate? I didn't notice the gluten part on the label until after I broke out in hives.

    A lot of new hair growth! I can not believe the amount I have to be careful how I part my hair, or else there are hundreds of little hairs sticking up all over the place.

    Primal food just tastes better. I dream about creamy organic eggs and grass fed beef.

    I'm happier then I have been in a long time, but that could be due to my broken toe finally being healed and I can actually start working out again after 2 months of not being able to.

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    I just finished reading all 47 frickin pages of this thread. I have been eating/living primal on and off at about 75% for about 4 months. I have never truely commmitted to it 100% until now. I am looking forward to experiencing some of the positive "side effects" I read.

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    I just noticed the other day that I haven't had an allergy attack yet this spring...usually by now, the juniper pollen has me scratching my eyes out and screaming for my Claritin. Haven't had a single symptom yet! Time will tell if this is just a fluke or not, but it would sure be nice to not have to spend the money on allergy drugs!
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    My Dimples of Venus are back. Woo hoooo!

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    I saw the dimples in my back for the first time this morning and thought, "Woah, I have them, too!? Cute!"

    Things I've noticed after 5 weeks primal:
    -9 lbs. lost (from 170 to 161)
    -cold doesn't bother me as much
    -keratosis pilaras is about 2/3 better
    -waist is small and killer hour glass figure has emerged
    -my face looks young again (I'm 30)
    -my yellowish toenails are turning pink (healthy)
    -i can really taste my food, now
    -checkup at dentist. no plaque could be found/no cavities (and this was after not going to the dentist in 5 years!)
    -energy is through the roof
    -sex drive is up
    -i'm stronger every time i work out
    -no more ringing ears
    -so excited to go shopping for food and clothes, now!
    -i feel really sad for the people i see looking so sick with extra weight, pale skin, circles under eyes, etc. it especially bothers me when i see children looking this way. i want to tell them and their parents about MDA and make them better!

    My husband's progress:
    -lost a few lbs.
    -getting really strong and gaining muscles he's never had
    -more energy
    -sex drive is out of control (i thought it was high before)!
    -more optimistic about all aspects of life

    My 2-1/2 year old's progress:
    -GAINED 1-1/2 lbs.
    -GREW 1"

    Our family is hooked! Thank you, Mark!!! And thank you to all the members of this forum for so much support and guidance!

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