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    Quote Originally Posted by quelsen View Post
    :-) Bonus points to you sir
    For the postulating, or the admitting I'm probably wrong?

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    Bumping this thread, as it's so awesome to read...don't want it to get hidden.

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    Things I've noticed in my first month of Primal...
    - Fingernails smoothing out and growing faster
    - I feel more alert in the evenings... prepping my lunch for the next day used to be such a chore; now I'm doing even more lunch prep and it doesn't bother me. I even pre-cooked tonight's supper (I work a later shift) so my husband only has to heat it up when he gets home with our kids.
    - My hair seems to have grown more this month than it has in previous months
    - Weight loss - goes without saying. About 15 lbs now, and I'm noticing it in the way my skirts and cardigans are fitting now.
    - Plantar fasciitis is MUCH reduced. Looking forward to it going away entirely.
    - I have KP too, I've had it since I was a kid, so do my mom and sister. I thought it was the luck of the genetic draw. I still have dots but the skin on my upper arms feels softer. Wonder if the red spots will fade over time?
    - No scaly elbows! Nice and smooth.

    Grok on!

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    I only wash my hair when I cut it every couple months. I completely forget that other people wash it every day.

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    I'm 40% of the way towards goal. Down 30 pounds since late summer. Plantar fasciitis, gone. Numbness and tingling in hands when I sleep, gone. Snoring, gone. Generalized aches and pains, gone. Blood pressure, normalized. Fasting blood sugar, down to 84 from 99. Energy greatly improved. No more need to take naps during the day. Skin is glowing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hilm3 View Post
    I don't snore any more! At all. I don't get up with a raw, painful, swollen throat because of it. I can take naps without embarassment in planes and trains - not that I need naps anymore!

    My DH used to snore so loud I'd swear the neighbors could hear him. He doesn't snore anymore. At all. I know he's getting better rest because of it, so that makes me uber happy.

    Neither of us fart anymore, and our breath smells better.

    DH's constant back pain from spinal stinosis (sp) has subsided to the point that he no longer needs pain meds - never thought that would happen!

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    I look in shopping carts too. I have become a shopping cart voyeur! I have that urge to beg them to put it back and eat what we should be eating as humans. I guess if a vegetarian told that to me, I would not be entirely receptive. I need to buff up and wear one of those grok shirts or a primal diet shirt (I've seen some with a food plate on them).

    I was lucking enough to come across paleo eating by reading a book and stumbling across Lorein Cordain's book. I suffered from hypoglycemia for thirty years. I wish someone would have told me about it before; but then again it might have seem too odd at the time to accept.

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    I've only been doing this a few days so I don't have much to report yet but I noticed this morning when I made breakfast I could smell things better. I don't mean things smell stronger. It's like smells have more detail, like I could smell the parts of things, not just the whole thing, if that makes sense. For example, I cooked turkey bacon this morning and I didn't just smell "bacon". I could smell turkey, smoke flavoring, salt, etc. Is that weird?

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    My scalp psoriasis has calmed WAY the heck down, and I get fewer and MUCH less severe migraines.

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    I have been primal for 4 months now, I don't notice any body oddor at all any more, nails grow faster, lost 10 lbs, I can taste things better now which makes everything more enjoyable. My skin looks perfect, I was starting to notice the effects of age (at 34 yo) but I see a total difference on my face now. I don't feel bloated after every meal or tired. I don't have to gobble down a glass of syllyum husk followed by 2 more of water every morning in order to 'visit the facilities', and one of the more important side effects, aside from being and feeling healthy of course, is the fact that I got my confidence back. I became so uncomfortable in my own skin for the last 4 years, that I was always hunched over, avoided eye contact, walked accross a room real fast so as to not be noticed...getting my confidence back has had a huge impact on every thing that I do from working out to my job and everything in between! I love it!!

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