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Thread: Those weird little bonuses

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    Walking to the shops for the first time in my vibrams, I've walked the route hundreds of times but it was like walking it anew.

    The best way to describe it is seeing with my feet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rocco Hill View Post
    Have any longer term people noticed grey hairs diminishing?
    Alas, no. But I've got bad genes in that respect; all my grandparents and my parents went grey really early.

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    Ok, here is my list after 1 year/9 months on primal (female now age 40):

    - Clear skin, pimples gone
    - Nails used to peel off, thin like paper - gone
    - Dark eye circles - gone
    - Exhaustion daily - gone
    - Headaches - gone
    - High food bill due to munchies - gone, saving ~ $700 a month
    - Transparent teeth - gone, now white
    - Bleeding gums when brushing - gone
    - Beige goo on tongue - gone
    - Split hair that never grew - long and healthy
    - Farts and bloating - gone
    - Heart palpitations - gone
    - Short, pleasant periods, little or no PMS
    - Better body balance
    - Overall happy and positive outlook
    - No more tears in eyes when focusing on an object
    - Better sense of smell, I can smell toxins in bread isle
    - Better sense of taste
    - Allergies, sinus infections, nasal sprays and nasal steroids, otc meds - gone
    - Joint pains - gone
    - Hard stools - gone
    - Stinky body odor - gone (arm pits take days to stink)
    - No more sensitivity to cold weather and climate
    - Higher concentration
    - NO FLU or cold at all.

    Important to me:
    I am more forgiving and it takes a lot to get me pissed.

    Not so good thing:
    After eating ice cream or a slice of cheesecake I crash and fall into a sugar coma for 2-3 hours (nap time!)

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    By quelsen:
    Maybe a lot of our modern necessities are due to poor diet
    THis is exactly my thought.
    My husband and I now walk through the mall watching all the zombies limp along from store to store to the most annoying xmas music (ringalingading).
    A young couple (late 20's) gets out of a huge SUV, she is all dressed up in the latest fashion with the latest purse and matching boots while he has a look on his face that screams exhaustion and jaundice.

    I used to be part of this life...

    Now I don't even feel the need to buy socks when my old ones fall apart. "Ah, well, there is 1 more pair stuck between the drawer and the frame"... and I was so thrilled finding the last pair of socks in my house that I raised an eyebrow at myself...weird huh.

    The whole family eating primally including 4 dogs cuts down on so many bills that we were able to pay off all of our debt (will be debt free this coming year). No vet bills, no medical bills, no medication, prescription bills, no fancy soaps, no lotions, no shampoo (1 bottle a year), no dish detergent, no house cleaner (vinegar/water), no need for new clothes (weight dropped, old clothes fit), garbage can won't even fill (old produce gets dumped into yard), no need for garbage bags, less toilet paper (much), less dishes (bowl after bowl of cereal and other snacks), no need for shoes (1 for store in summer cause it's the law / 1 pair for winter cause it's cold), food cost is less (buying local, farm fresh), no mouth washes, no other chemical tubes, creams or items that go on skin, in mouth, in eyes or ears ... and the list goes on...

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    ^Congratulations on becoming debt-free! I don't earn enough to look forward to that so soon, unfortunately, but I'm hoping that with my reduced medical bills in this coming year as I figure out my depression & anxiety, I can put more money towards my student loans.
    Depression Lies

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    Ha- The irony of you saving $700 p/month is just too much. But....but.....eating healthily is too expensive!

    Good on you. Actually, your last post brings something up. Who knows whether this is connected to diet at all, but I am finding myself to have a much lower tolerance to 'noise'. Adverts, stupid music, television(I don't own one, but friends and family do), clubs and bars.....y'know, just noise, really, really irritates me. Whereas other people seem oblivious to it. I can only presume that with a change in diet, and de-cluttering one's life only leads to a yearning for more natural environments.

    Also,the zombie part. I move with much more purpose, agility and fluidity now, while I see all around me aimlessley drift around without any sense of space or direction. Anyone else notice that? Just moving with a lightness and awareness.

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    Awesome thread! Congrats to all of you. Im only a week in, but im excited to see what kinds of changes will happen. :0)
    Character is both developed and revealed by tests, and all of life is a test.
    -Rick Warren

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    Yes, Rocco, I've noticed that, too.
    We have become much more efficient and focused when we get out (which is every 3 days grocery shopping).
    My grocery shopping used to be done with NO 'hunting' I (we) ended up spending sometimes hours trying to fill the cart with "fake foods" and then walk aimlessly through the store, kinda of lost.
    The music they play, in combination with the aimless, planless, idealess walk through the store, used to put me in a trance, like sleep walking. And since I was always exhausted anyways, this was like taking a nap, while walking through the a zombie. I'd only have to leave because my brain would signal intense food cravings (not my stomach growling, just brain pain) to let me know that it was low on 'crack'. So I'd leave and rush home so I can tear open the first snack box and shut my brain up.

    Now...the music is annoying, too loud, just pisses me off in general. The people walk like zombies. They look lost...and exhausted...and in fear (or in cravings). The zombies are slow, stop in the middle of hte isle and stare at nothing. Most zombies are ready to jump your throat so it seems and don't even apologize anymore for taking up an entire isle path. Once the zombies are done picking their zombie foods they slowly drag their legs to the register where they end up looking even more depressed and in fear.

    Things are so different when you eat primally. You have a hunting plan, you know which animals and plants you are out for...and most likely you already know exactly where they are! You're focused on picking the freshest, ripest fruit. You walk with a purpose to the register and end up happily standing in line with a smile on your face because you know you did good on your hunting trip and you're proud of your 'kill'.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hilary View Post
    And ditto on the bumpy skin thing - not gone, but much reduced. It's called keratosis pilaris, apparently, and associated with vitamin A deficiency.
    Wait, what? My partner has that -- I was told that it was a genetic condition that could be managed but not eradicated.

    So if I feed him more Vitamin A it might help his skin? It always seems so annoying, considering that it causes everything from the bumps and itchiness to dandruff, ingrown hair and earwax buildup.

    Edit: I just did some Googling and found a post on a keratosis pilaris forum basically saying that cutting back on a bunch of foods like WHEAT and DAIRY and most processed foods completely cured this one girl's really bad case of KP. Sounds primal to me! The bf loves it that I'm cooking more meat now -- apparently all I gotta do is wean him off of the sugar and grains, haha.
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    Quote Originally Posted by vontrapp View Post
    CoWorker: What? Cmon live a little.
    Me: No thanks, I'd rather live a lot.

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    Issabeau and Rocco-
    I've been noticing the same things... especially in the grocery store, but also in the non-food retail stores. The "bonus" for me is the feeding of my internal 'Smug Bug' -- that little feeling I've got inside that I know better and I am doing something about it!

    When I was SAD I knew that I should be eating better, I knew I should be exercising, I knew that I was grossly overweight and always tired -- but like all the other USDA propaganda fed zombies, I didn't give a hoot.
    Now I care... not only for myself, but have more patience with my kids, with traffic, with people in general ----- until I encounter those like Issabeau spoke of who REALLY don't give a crap about (apparently) anything... including themselves! I've been there, so I understand -- I sometimes have to restrain myself from wanting to shake these total strangers awake by 'preaching' about all they're doing to ruin the only life they have.
    Started 7/5/11 at 274 lbs
    Now 214 -- that's 60 lbs!
    Goal 160 lbs -- last time there was in junior high!

    "The problem with socialism is that eventually you run out of other people's money." (Margaret Thatcher)

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