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    Quote Originally Posted by cemdev View Post
    a new girl in my life passed me a nasty cold/flu bug. i got it, suffered for a week, then it was gone. she's had it for 6 weeks now and it's not gone yet.

    frankly, i was bummed i even got it - she's amazed i recovered so quickly. i smiled and gave her robb wolf's book.
    I got my first cold last week in 10 months of low carb and primal...i suspect something is compromising my immunity, will be going on Kauffma's Phase 1 diet to see if I get it under control.

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    Not sure if I've mentioned this before, but with the recent cold snap it's got really obvious.

    Before PB, going from warm house to cold outdoors meant shortness of breath - a feeling of lungs constricted, only being able to fill them to half capacity. As for exertion in the cold? Er, no.

    Post-PB... I've been cycling happily up and down hill in freezing temperatures, and it took me a while to remember that I 'ought' to be short of breath. No trouble at all.

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    In addition to several other things... This morning was the first time I've woken up in the past 6wks w/o being ravenous! I didn't need to get up and I got the kids ready for daycare, shuttled them off, then made my am coffee (I love it too much to give up) then made breakfast about 45mins into working (I'm working from home this week) so I popped down stairs for my 2nd cup of joe and made a shrimp and cheese omlette and had a breakfast sausage on the side... pleasantly satisfied - not stuffed.

    I'm hoping this string of small successes continue... I'm still working on cutting out my flavoured coffee syrup and replacing it w/stevia - but its slowly disappearing, as is the dairy from my diet... I love food, especially good food...I'm planning on making Oso Bucco this sunday just for the pleasure of making it then eating it!

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    My wife halfheartedly follows the PB nutrition -- well, more than that because she is in fact happy I no longer push a vegetarian diet. Nonetheless, she often tells me I go too far, "everything in moderation", etc and still eats grains now and then.

    Well, this morning, after I had used the scale, my wife decided to use it and check her own weight. Results: in a few months she went from 127 to 116 lbs! The expression on her face was... priceless :-)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Adrianag View Post
    I got my first cold last week in 10 months of low carb and primal...i suspect something is compromising my immunity, will be going on Kauffma's Phase 1 diet to see if I get it under control.
    Is your Vitamin D3 Blood level optimal at 60 - 70 ng/ml ? You need 5,000 to 10,000 IU of Vitamin D3 daily to keep your immune system fully operational. Without adequate Vitamin D3, our immune systems are seriously impaired.

    A MAJOR bonus for me: Prior to taking Vitamin D3, ( 2 months into the primal diet alone) I did catch a chest cold, and it was ALL OVER in less than 1 week! For me this was a miracle, as my chest colds have ALWAYS dragged on & on for many weeks. Sometimes even losing my voice. I recall a chest cold even lasting about 2+ months. Also since going primal, I never cough anymore upon finishing sex. Now that my Vitamin D blood levels are optimal+ I can go to church or shopping without fear of catching someone else's cold. What a wonderful feeling to not suffer from chest colds anymore.

    See my Vitamin D report below for more,
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    Quote Originally Posted by bUMbLeB View Post
    so beat this:

    My place has a very small bathtub with a reclined back. Every now & then I like a nice bath, but truth is I used to snug up pretty good against the back, to the point where - if I wasn't careful - my backfat would squidge the water out when I sat back, forming a seal and essentially suction-cupping me to the tub! I swear it's true, and once or twice I had a fleeting panic attack that I might not be able to break free, and the firemen would find my corpse there.
    My dad has a similar tub (my favorite place to be on a cold day with a good book). I used to suction cup myself to the back of it and then make farty sounds when I "unstuck". The kids thought it was hilarious

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    No more cellulite. It just went away. If I sold this as The Cellulite-Erasing Diet, every woman in the U.S. would be on it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by aktres View Post
    No more cellulite.
    Mine went away too. Amazing, isn't it.

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    How long did it take for your cellulite to disappear?

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    I've always been a heavy coffee drinker, and now have yellowed teeth. But I swear, going primal is making my teeth whiter. (and no, I haven't cut back on coffee.)

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