Since joining this forum I have started taking potassium, changed my vit D supplement, and started using Mg oil (as well as DHA:EPA and silica). I am finding these supplements to be very helpful - heart palpitations gone, muscle cramps gone, and persistent muscle fatigue that has been going on for years is greatly improved .

However, there is room for improvement with my muscle fatigue plus if I miss a day or two of potassium and Mg the symptoms definitely get worse. I am wondering if I am still hovering on the edge of deficiency? Or if it is normal to go through the salts this quickly? I am taking somewhere between 700 and 2100 mg of potassium a day in a single dose. I am really tempted to increase this, either to twice a day or just a bigger dose in the evening.

Any thoughts or suggestions?

Thanks in advance...the advice I have gotten here so far has really improved my health