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Thread: CFS/ME with gut inflammation/liver toxicity

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    Old post I know, was just having a look at your story after your reply to me.

    Just wanted to mention that if you prefer to avoid dairy you could try water kefir instead. You can make it so the sugar is pretty much all gone, when I want to avoid risk of sugar left in it, I just give my kids the drink and I eat the grains .

    I got mine from
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    Gluten intolerance and hypermobility syndrome

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    I would stay off the blogs (they will send you in every possible direction) and get to a good hormone doc.

    You want to know what your complete thyroid and adrenal numbers are. Plus you want to know triglycerides (see if carbs left them high), cortisol (for CFS and stress), c-reactive protein (for inflammation).

    You can't go wrong getting a lot of vit D, I agree with that one.

    I see a hormone doc that treats CFS (I had it too) and he says good sleep is as important as anything. Use melatonin to sleep better and wake up better-very important with CFS. I take 12 mg just before bed.

    I'm skeptical of Candida explanations, but the anti-Candida diet helps people because it is good anyway.

    Gut problems can be hard to troubleshoot and take a long time to reverse, be patient, take good notes.

    I have the onion problem also. I have to avoid them. I think it is the sulphur. I'm allergic to sulpha drugs too.

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