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Thread: Vitamin D Blood Test: $39 October Special

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    Smile Vitamin D Blood Test: $39 October Special

    My medical BIBLE, as many know, is Cardiologist Dr. Davis. His links are at the bottom of my message.
    When he speaks, I listen. His blog is ALWAYS posted in my Firefox so I don't miss anything.
    He mentions Direct Labs at the bottom of this link:

    This doctor is also one of Cillikat's favorite references, our resident Vitamin D specialist.

    Doctor Davis has recommended Direct Labs for at home blood testing kits, so if these folks are good enough for Dr. Davis, then they are good enough for me!

    At Home Vitamin D Blood Testing SALE for $39 for October !

    Celikat, does Direct Labs meet with your approval?
    As we know, Cellikat correctly recommends 1,000 IU daily per 25 lbs bodyweight,
    and she suggest blood testing to fine tune this dosage up or down.

    Best of health to all,
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