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Thread: Finally giving up those breakfast protein smoothies

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    Hopefully you all realize Robb Wolf is not a scientist. His degree is a BS in biochemistry, & Cordain is the actual Scientist. Now Robb has a tremendous amount of experience on the subject, & can relate it to all of us dullards. I like him, but he doesnt have the creds some people require. I am going to keep listening to him until someone can prove him wrong. So far he has done right by me. I feel the same way about Mark Sisson.
    "Don't dream it, be it"

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    The two guys in this thread who have dropped 140 & 160... holy moly you guys are unreal. Seriously congratulations.

    I make a smoothie in the morning a few days a week, but I do it mostly for the nutrients. I blend 24 oz. raw Jersey cow milk with 4 eggs and 1/2 banana. I pour it right into a mason jar which makes it easy to cap and transport if I don't end up finishing it (rare). If it's in the evening I'll sometimes add freshly ground nutmeg, clove and allspice.

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