Dear Mark,

I am beginning to see three distinct populations emerging here at Mark's Daily Apple.

First, the population of (mostly) younger folks who are into fitness. These folks want to optimize their athletic performance. Sometimes they want to lean out, build muscle, or reach peak fitness.

Second, those who want to lose weight. These include a hefty (no pun!) number of women, but also some men, and this group tends to be a little older.

Then there are some folks here looking for help with DOCs (diseases of civilization): diabetes, inflammatory conditions, etc. There is an overlap between the overweight group and the sick group.

I am a member primarily of group 3. I am suffering from adrenal fatigue, overstress, arthritis, and as a consequence, obesity as well. Just three short years ago, I was a lean, fit athlete but I overtrained during a period of severe life stress, and I broke.

I would like to see some PB posts aimed at group 3: do we need any modifications of the PB? What can we do when we can't sprint or lift heavy things? How do we heal first, then build? (I'm of the belief that healing comes first, then weight loss, but I wonder what wisdom evolutionary medicine might hold for healing once you are ill.

Thanks for all you do for this community. It's much appreciated.