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    Too much water contributes to indigestion. I didn't believe my gastroenterologist when she told me to try drinking less - but she was right. This was pre-primal of course, when I had IBS symptoms and my bloating was out of control. But I still can feel ill etc from drinking too much liquid or drinking at the wrong time (on an empty stomach it's pretty deadly).

    I get so much liquid from my food these days. My only beverages are water and coffee, and I only drink when I'm thirsty, it's enough to keep my pee a nice medium-yellow (which usually averages out to 2-3 12oz cups of coffee with heavy cream daily, and 8-16oz of water). My pee used to be clear. And my skin was absolute shit then, just in case anyone is wondering.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rip City View Post
    Thirded. I will say that pre-primal, I drank a ton more water, and I was always parched. These days, I'm rarely thirsty for plain water.

    I have a feeling the answer is related to this somehow. In the 4th paragraph it talks about rats devoid of essential fatty acids literally could not stay hydrated, even after consuming massive quantities of water compared to rats who were given healthy fats and drank less water. Interesting stuff
    So the advice to drink 8 glasses of water per day pertains to those who are eating the government pyramid, if I understand you right? If I drank that much, I'd have to be using the head every few minutes.

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    Fantastic! It all boils down to cell hydration and cellular health ... which Primal eating corrects over time.

    I find myself wandering about water. The water Grok would have had available was not recycled, bottled, chlorinated, flourinated, etc. Back then, from running streams, and fresh springs, waterfalls ... the water clusters were the perfect size, the water was the perfect pH, it was oxygenated. It had perfect mineral content. No funny business from the chemical plant up the road or estrogen mimicking substances, harsh chemicals to keep it clear of fungi.

    The water we have at our disposal (on tap) is quiet 'dead'.

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    Water is vital for health and we must drink enough water to prevents from dehydration. I try to drink at least 18-20 glass of water daily. Water regulates metabolism and helps in reducing weight. Water regulates body temperature and makes our skin healthy.

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    Waterlogged – A Dogma-Shattering Book?

    An interesting thought - how did we possibly survive until experts told us how much to drink? Maybe thirst actually has a purpose?

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    I drink a fair amount of tea and yerba mate daily. That usual makes up plenty of liquid on its own.

    If I feel that the diuretic effect is leaving me with a net loss of fluids I might sip on a little water afterwards to counterbalance the loss, but not always. I'd say that overall I get about 8-10 cups of liquid most days.

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    I am 55 and have to pay attention. I start the day with tea and some filtered water - approx. a liter in about an hour period. Than during the day I drink another liter (half a gallon total). It helps.

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    my water consumption has been pretty constant for almost 10 years now. basically a gallon a day as a baseline. during hard workout days or extra hot summer days, it's about a gallon and a half. being paleo/primal has had no impact on the amount of water i drink.

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