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Thread: Question on Plateau

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    Question on Plateau

    We all know the pattern.

    * Weight loss
    * Plateau
    * Weight loss
    * New Plateau

    What I just don't understand is the SPEED of the weight loss following a plateau. This was especially clear this week when I was fretting over my new plateau. I step on the scale every morning, and it was 219, 218,219,220,218,217,218,219,221,218.... then seemingly OVERNIGHT certainly with 24 hours and NEW low at 216. I weighed myself 3 times because I just couldn't believe it. The day before it was 219. ( I normally weigh in before taking a dump)

    I have noticed this remarkably sudden weight loss following a plateau before. Has anyone else noticed this?

    It seems like the body is holding on to its fat reserves for dear life, until it finally can't hold on for another second, then suddenly releases gobs of fat to be burned up in a short time period of 24 hrs.

    I know the pattern well, now it will be bouncing above the new 216 plateau for several more weeks, then a sudden drop into maybe 212.

    So my question... why-how does the weight drop so quickly coming out of a plateau?

    Best to all,
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