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Thread: Question on Plateau

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    jfilbin: what you're going through sounds very normal to me. I can gain up to six pounds in the time before my cycle. It takes a few days for it to flush out. Keep in mind all the different things any body can go through, at any time, whether male or female. For example, producing more cortisol during an incredibly stressful period without productive coping mechanisms ... illness, whether chronic or acute ... the purity of the food and water one has access to at a given time. My point is: it's damn near impossible to know, let alone control, all the outside forces stimulating all the inside forces.

    So ... what is a person to do? This may not help you, but the answer for me was to change my focus. I need to lose weight, and I am ... but it is not my focus. My focus is addressing my many inflammation issues that have complicated my life in every imaginable way. The progress there is steady and measurable. The weight loss is a most wanted side effect.

    Griff: All the science behind the theories of the woosh of weight loss is interesting, but I always thought that the mystery was related to the phrase that applies to all of my healing and growth, whether physical, mental, emotional or spiritual: two steps forward, one step back. =)

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    Thanks Debbie,

    Since I have lost a ton of weight and that HAS been my focus, I'm now trying to keep my focus on WHAT I'm eating, not on the weight loss. It's hard though to not have that bit of heart palpitation when the scale shows such a significant uptick. I know I shouldn't weigh myself everyday, but that makes me even more nervous. I definitely feel better and my body has looks better, so I'm trying now to keep focus on eating what I'm supposed to and treating weight loss as a fringe benefit. It just freaks me out when I've worked to get to a certain point, then all of a sudden my weight goes up so fast. I'm trying to keep that all in perspective. I'm wondering why our bodies just don't behave the way we want them to, that would be sooooo much easier! Thanks for the feedback Debbie, I really appreciate it!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Debbie View Post
    So ... what is a person to do? This may not help you, but the answer for me was to change my focus. )

    THIS THIS THIS!!!!!! the best thing i think anyone can do for themselves is look at primal as a nourishing way of life in all respects. food, mental, sleep, rest, laughter, thing you SHOULD NOT WORRY ABOUT consciously is a number on the scale or 'weight thoughts' in your head. learn to read yourself. how do you feel? what food(primal) do you want? are you really hungry?

    stoop food planning(unless grocery shopping)
    stop counting, weighing, measuring
    SIT with yourself...if you arent use to doing this, is in ungodly difficult to do, takes patience, soooo much patience and practice. understand how you feel(inside, not just fullness cues). how are your emotions etc.

    i think getting over a plateau involves losing that overly personal relationship one has with food and moving it to a personal relationship with yourself, your bran, and your life.

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    Please, please do not weigh every day! Give your body a chance.
    "Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food." -- Hippocrates

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