Struggled w/ weight most of my life. Was @ 300+# at one point. (only 5'6") Renovated my lifestyle several times. Vegetarian for 8 years, vegan for 2, down to 160# at my lowest but was definitely not healthy.

Hit 40 and had a craving for meat and went back, but "conventional wisdomly". Whole grains, lean meat/fish and plenty of fruits and veggies. Through it all I walked. 90 minutes a day at first to burn off some of that 300 and an hour most days since. I settled in at 220, not great but when you were as fat as I was I wasn't complaining.

Hit 45 and my blood pressure is now scary high and resistant to drugs to lower it. My cousin, same age, dropped dead of a heart attack. Seems everyone in the family has had at least one by the age of 55. What to do? I have educated myself, (again conventional wisdom) learned to cook, took up baking even, taking a good quality vitamin supplement and am an inveterate food label reader but nothing's moving the needle.

Then I happen upon the Primal Blueprint. Skeptical before I ordered it, even more skeptical after I read it but figured what the hell. 2 weeks ago started trying it and so help me I dropped a belt notch in a few days. Then a non-primal whole wheat home made pasta meal and I'm feeling bloated and it hits me: a systemic allergic reaction. Maybe my imagination? Primal again for a week and then a small bran muffin at work and this time felt downright ill.

Could it be this easy? Is Sisson right, about all of it? It's a lifestyle that doesn't even feel like it requires discipline or sacrifice because, for the most part, I'm never hungry.

I was going to eat my way through my pantry but now the local food bank is due for a nice donation and I'm pricing deep freezers. We'll see how it works out.