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Thread: Punctuated Equilibrium?

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    What the video is trying to convey is, I think, that it's all about evidence, and there is no evidence to support the aquatic ape idea.

    There is merit in the associations and creativity behind the idea, but that's about it.

    Contrary to the aquatic ape hypothesis, the basic tenets of the PB are supported by evidence.

    Additionally, I think that the burden of proof is CW, not on the PB. The PB is the default diet. We can argue about details like types of plants or tolerance to such and such, and that it might be impossible to recreate the exact diet of our ancestors. But the principle still holds.

    CW, on the other hand, suggests that it's ok to eat new foods, and that many of the "old" foods are bad for us. And go figure, research keeps pushing towards the PB and against CW.

    So following the PB is not about doing what feels good and getting inspired by success stories. I personally love beer and pasta, and many people do not lose weight as fast as with other diets. But I stick to the PB because it makes sense. Thats the difference between going Primal/Paleo and going to WeighWatchers.

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    100 years ago there was no evidence to support that the planet Pluto existed. It was found.

    Anyway let's not beat this to death. I enjoy expanding horizons... not just my own.

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