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Thread: Sauerkraut, eggs and coconut oil = ...

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    Sauerkraut, eggs and coconut oil = ...

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    surprisingly good. Today was one of those days that reminded me that I'm definitely a college student. While looking through my fridge today, all that I had left was some eggs and sauerkraut lol. I just got done IF, so I was starving and did what I could.

    I cooked the sauerkraut (it came in a jar from an import food section) in a very generous amount of coconut oil (several tablespoons) and cooked for like 8 minutes. Later, I scrambled a couple eggs into the pan and cooked for a couple more minutes.

    Surprisingly, the sweetness of the coconut goes well with the sauerkraut. I nice and cheap meal full of fat, protein, and even some vitamin C.

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    We had some leftover kraut recently that I added to my scrambled eggs. It was most excellent. I used bacon grease though.


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