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Thread: Use It Up

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    Use It Up

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    I made this awesome left-over stir fry this morning for breakfast. Who says this WOE is expensive?!

    I had baked some chicken thighs the other day, and had about one and a half left. Normally when I bake chicken I drink the wonderfully seasoned chicken fat/juices in the bottom of the pan (OK, I lay my face in the pan and lap it up! Wanna make something of it?) but I wasn't all that hungry that night. Which is why there was one and a half chicken thighs left over (I had eaten a half thigh and the crispy skin off both). Not wanting to waste that wonderful fat, I put it in a teeny container in the fridge. Was about a Tbsp. I just KNEW I'd think of something wonderful to do with it. Sure enough...

    This morning I put the seasoned chicken fat in the bottom of a frying pan, cut the meat off the bone and diced it (saving the bones for stock), and tossed it into the pan. I found some on-its-last-legs asparagus in the bottom of the fridge. I cut off the by-now woody stems and diced the tender tips. I also diced up the last slice of a red pepper and tossed that in. I put a lid on the pan so that the veggies could cook a bit in their own steam, then took the lid off and turned the heat up to high for a final crisping. The chicken fat was already seasoned from its previous incarnation, so no need to even add salt.

    Mushrooms would have been a wonderful addition to this if I'd had some. But it was absolutely yummy as it was (and pretty, too), and used up some leftovers.

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    Sounds yummy!

    I love making new creations from leftovers!

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