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Thread: My Fish Oil Supp

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    Question My Fish Oil Supp

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    Checking out the Robb Wolf fish oil calculator it says I should be taking 3 tsp per day. Just to make sure id thought id post a question here. Hope you guys can verify:

    MetaPure Fish Oil Stats (to be clear its not pills, its oil)

    Each 5mL dose contains:
    EPA = 1.9 g
    DHA = 930 mg

    From what I understand its one of the best brands in Australia.

    Or if you want to see more stats:

    Hope you guys can help.



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    I've recently learned from everyone's favorite primal raccoon, Stabby, that one with more DHA than EPA is optimal. I plan on getting Now Foods DHA-500 as soon as I use up the rest of the Carlsons I have.

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    sorry, to dig up an old post... i checked out the now foods dha 500, and there is way more epa and dha in the metagenics brand in comparison. so taking this into account, would i still be better off going with the metagenics? only asking as my current bottle is about to run out...



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