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Thread: "Low carb diets 'damage arteries'"

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    That's the most I found as well. I second Sean on the Omega-6 hypothesis. I am also curious about the types of carbs.

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    I'd like to know about the carbs too.

    And danid14,

    Good find on the science daily!

    So I've gathered that compared to the "Standard Diet" there was 9% more atherosclerosis with the "Western Diet" which was 15 percent protein.

    And there was 15% more atherosclerosis with the "low-carb/high-protein" diet which was 45 percent protein.

    Both had the same % of fat... so that may not be the biggest factor here. (Although I bet they still used Omega 6)

    But check out that percentage with the "low-carb/high-protein" group which showed the most atherosclerosis... 45 percent!!

    Let's break that down into how that would relate to someone eating a 2,000 calorie diet.

    45% of total calories would be 900 calories.

    Divide that by 4 (the number of calories per gram in protein.)

    You get 225 grams of protein.

    That's a lot! Good luck getting that down your throat if you're eating a 2,000 calorie diet.

    Besides the fact that I don't know how a rat's body reacts to that much protein... I don't think that's good to do regardless. Not unless you *really* need it, like if you're breaking down muscle tissue like Arnonld Schwarzenegger on a roided out rampage.

    Anyhow, my guess is that there's something else going on other than just "low carbs."


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    Yeah, sounds hinky to me. It burns me up that they are so blind to the interaction of carbohydrates and fats. JUST FEED FATS, and see what happens.


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