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Thread: Pre-conception diet link to baby's health page

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    Interesting. I truly believe that pre-conception diet (for both the mother and father) is incredibly important to the the baby's health. Just to play devil's advocate, though, wouldn't one assume that if a mother's pre-conception diet is healthier, then her diet while pregnant would also be healthier? So which one actually affects the babies birth weight? One, the other, or both? My vote is in the "both" column.

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    That was my immediate thought too, Flash. But speaking as a mom with unceasing morning sickness, it's debatable how well that works out in practice. ;) I couldn't eat anything leafy when I was pregnant with my daughter -- all tasted like dirt to me -- and normally I love salads.

    Hopefully they controlled for that somehow, but I agree, surely having leafy goodies before AND during pregnancy is the best ideal!
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