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    Eating Enough

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    Hi all,
    I'm a competitive endurance athlete. I train lots and hard
    Have been eating primal for about a month now. Lots of awesome stuff. I definitely had a pretty messed up relationship with sugar. Getting away from that has really improved my overall energy levels and mood. I've also effortlesslessly leaned out to a point that I've always had to really starve myself to achieve in the past. Overall, I am feeling pretty good.
    I am having trouble, though with how to eat enough on my big training days. Protein, fat, even sweet potatoes are just so FILLING - I wind up feeling stuffed all day but then if I add up calories for the day, it's not uncommon to fall 2000+ calories short. That makes the next day really tough and really I'm in a place where I want to build strength and power, not lose a bunch of weight.
    When I started this, I thought I'd likely go back to eating some grains before workouts a la Paleo for Athletes but I've tried that twice now (oatmeal once and rice once) and my stomach was really not happy with me. Major cramps, gas, etc. This amazes me given that I've eaten both of those foods for my whole life without apparent ill effect. Not sure if it means that I really shouldn't have them or just that I need to eat them more regularly.
    I can't eat dairy. I have been making recovery shakes with egg white powder and fruit. Probably eat about 2 sweet potatoes per day plus lots of fruit, meat, vegetables and nuts. Also Powerbars or gels during some of my longer hard sessions but I am trying to minimize that.
    Would love to read what others eat on a big training day.

    Thanks in advance!

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    What do you mean, you can't eat dairy? Are you allergic? What happens?

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    I think I'm intolerant of whey. Certainly whenever I've tried those protein bars or shakes that are based on whey, the results were not good. Nothing dramatic happens. I'll get the runs or throw up. Same thing with milk. Ice cream and cheese I have mixed results with.
    Goat dairy is great stuff! Just crazy expensive so I'll have it as a treat but not a staple.

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    Vomiting is pretty dramatic. I was going to suggest raw milk but if you can't stomach milk then I don't really know what you could do except allow your gut to get reaccustomed to things like oatmeal. You probably don't want to stop being a competitive endurance athlete, hey?

    edit: ooh, you could do some baking experimenting with coconut flour, almond flour, rice flour, potato starch, tapioca starch, etc.
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    I figured I'd get a few responses along those lines. No - I totally get it about the whole compromise thing and I imagine I'll go with a more primal approach to fitness when I'm done trying to win races but no - I'm really trying to optimize for being a decent athlete right now. Eating a more natural, nutrient dense diet seems to be overall a really good thing.

    Thanks for the idea on the raw milk. I have never tried that. Might be worth an experiment.

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    I second the baking idea, that's an easy, quick, and very yummy way to get a bunch of calories without them being bad ones. I make muffins out of almond and coconut flour, one recipe also uses a bit of tapioca flour which makes them fluffier. They also have tons of eggs and coconut oil in them, giving them a good amount of protein and fat. I also like to add raisins or dried cranberries which will give you a few more carbs if you like. This is a good recipe, I add 3-4 eggs as they are egg free as written.

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    What about yogurt?

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    "2 sweet potatoes per day" - hard to say how much that is since I've seen some really small and really massive sweet potatoes, but if they're medium sized and get about 1 cup per sweet potato, then you should be able to eat more than that. I do about 2 medium potatoes per day on a non-training day. They're kind bulky foods, but they digest fairly quickly, so I just try and spread it out throughout the day, typically eating 3 large potato portions on a training day.

    Not quite paleo/primal but you can mix potato starch, coconut oil, water and chopped dates (or whatever for flavor) to make a more concentrated carb source. I'd much rather eat that than use almond flour, since almonds are really high in phytates and I'd be concerned about mineral absorption.

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    if you haven't had raw milk, you should definitely give a try!

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    What about lactose free milk? i saw this in my supermarket the other day..wondered if it was suitable.

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