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    How is it I am losing weight with higher carb intake???

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    OK, for the last several weeks I have been eating a very low carb pb diet so I can lose weight. The weight has slowly come off and it seemed that the lower the carbs count, the more tired I was. I was eating only meats with good fats, eggs and green veggies. It wasn't until the last few days when I was like the heck with eating low carb, I am just gonna eat meat, fruits and veggies and whatever happens happens. Well, its weird but it seems like when I added fruit to my diet (higher carbs) then I started to feel as if I had more energy and I am now FINALLY in ketosis. wtf.. HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE? I have been peeing on that stupid stick for the last two weeks and couldn't get it to budge, now it says I am deep purple??
    OK, someone chim in cause I am soooo confused!

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    now you are keto-adapted?

    i suspect when you were feeling tired etc you were experiencing carb flu as your body made the painful change from burning carbs to fat as fuel?

    now you are keto adapted, maybe your body can now progress with weightloss at a slightly higher carb level?
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    Everyone has a different place on the carb curve. I'm still locating mine. But I had experienced much the same thing, missprimaldiva. I tried lowering my carbs to about 20 grams a day and found that I had less energy. Now that I've picked them back up to around 50 or so, I feel much more energized.

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    I suspect that nutritional deficiencies are a major contributor to people feeling less energetic and having their metabolism dial down. Restoring some of those deficiencies would make your body run better. In particular, I think potassium, magnesium, and possibly zinc can be out of balance with other vitamins and minerals if too many veggies, fruits and tubers are cut out.

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    If the way you are eating now is working for you and you feel good, then stop peeing on things and don't worry about it.
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