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Thread: Facial Exercises AMAZING Results

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    Facial Exercises AMAZING Results

    We were just watching the TV Sow, "The Doctors," where Author Cynthia Rowland was demonstrating her "Facial Magic" exercise routines. She basically was exercising her facial muscle groups using white gloves. She held one part of the face and then tried to force her face muscle to push against her fingertips. Then they displayed photos of Before & After and we were AMAZED. Such spectacular results! Just as though they had facelifts. Her book, "The Magic of Facial Exercise" tells how to do it, available at Amazon & Bookstores. Cynthia has a son > 40 years old, yet she looks like she is 30 years old.

    I just found that show we watched on "The Doctors."

    There are also a wealth of YouTube Videos on "Facial Exercises," and "Facial Magic"

    Does it REALLY work as well as the photos suggest?
    Has anyone tried it?

    My wife is very anxious to order the book & get started. Is there a better book or methods of facial exercise?

    Many thanks for your opinions,
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