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Thread: Did I read on MDA about a new nutrition tracking tool coming?

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    Did I read on MDA about a new nutrition tracking tool coming?

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    Have I lost my mind? Did someone see it laying around somewhere........and if so, PLEASE do not eat it, for I have seen the drool soaked chins after the mention of brains on here!

    Anyway, I could have sworn I saw something about a new tracking tool coming to THIS site for tracking micronutrients........Did anyone else see that, or should I question my sanity?

    Man that would be great not to have to go to a different site to do that!

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    That would be awesome. It would be handy and it would promote being nutrient-conscious to the newbies.

    But no I haven't heard anything about it. Mark hasn't really done any knowledge posts lately and I have been ignoring the contests save for the occasional winning video.
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    I haven't heard anything either.

    Maybe you saw this thread earlier and mixed it up with something else?
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