This thread is a public service... I know this is OFF TOPIC, but here it is anyway. If you know anyone suffering from Scabies, I have an EASY & NATURAL CURE that stops all itching within 1 week, and cures the condition completely if continued for 6 weeks.

I contracted Scabies last year from a sweater I bought at the flea market. Within a few weeks I was itching like CRAZY, and had welts all around my body similar to mosquito bites. To make a very long story short, here is just a quick summary. People can get scabies from a hand shake, from a lover, even from trying on NEW clothing at the store.

What are Mites?
Mites are microscopic little creatues that cannot be seen by the naked eye. We live with mites every day, they are everywhere - on our eyebrows, crawling on our skin, millions of them are around our houses and in our beds. Normal mites feed on our dead skin cells, and are NOT a problem.

What are Scabies?
Just as tiny and looks the same, but prefers to feed on blood. They burrow under the skin laying several eggs each day, and create INTENSE itching. Every day 3 to 4 mites hatch out and dig themselves a new burrow causing even more welts & itching.

Medical Community is hopeless
They prescribe drugs that are toxic and no longer effective as the Scabies have grown resistant. Doctors won't spend any time on this, and it has grown into an epidemic. People have been suffering this epidemic for YEARS, lost their jobs, their spouses, lost their homes, tossed out all of their furniture, and WORSE. Scabies is the human form of Dog Mange. People in desperation have even gone to veterinarians for treatment !

My natural cure could not be easier or more simple. Just mix 3 parts of FOOD GRADE Diatomacious Earth with 7 parts of Grapeseed Oil, and apply to afflicted areas 2 times a day.

Please keep this thread in mind if you hear of anyone suffering from Scabies.

Best to all,