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    What a sad, confused woman that journalist is. She took a psychological condition that causes people to become malnourished due to their obsession and essentially labeled anyone concerned about their food as a neurotic nutcase.

    I would like to see the research which demonstrates the characteristics of those who purportedly suffer the highest rate of this disease. I'm willing to bet you'll find their demographic to be true but their reasoning circumspect. You could probably make a case and stratify all varieties of OCD by this nonsense you are calling characterization. And worse this columnist masks it as possibly common amongst any peer who is concerned with healthy eating.

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    You do the right thing for yourself - not saying a lot of food oriented folks don't do the wrong thing - and now it's clinical.

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    To be fair, there are plenty of people who do the right thing, but are still obsessive about it -- potentially to an unhealthy degree. That is, it's the obsession with "doing it right" that's the issue, not the actual choice of foods.

    It's rather like having an addiction to running (which some people do); it's "healthier" than an addiction to, say, smoking asbestos cigarettes, but it's less healthy than a more balanced approach to running.

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    Yes, sometimes the line is crossed and the mentality becomes skewed. I am an extremist, for the most part, but I like to keep myself balanced for that very reason. I don't like 'things' to define me, nor do I like to go off of the deep-end, per-say.

    I think ED are all a result of a mental desire for some form of control, rebellion, cry-for-help, or other compensation for an unsatiated emotional need and that can come in ANY form, whether food, exercise, or (fill in the blank here)....

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    To be fair, if there weren't poison lurking in virtually every food sold today, you wouldn't have to be so alert and picky about your food. You certainly wouldn't have to be before the industrialization of food.

    i.e. You're not paranoid if they're really out to get you.

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    Well said, Nick.

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