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Thread: 2 Days to wokout

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    2 Days to wokout

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    I have Saturdays and Sundays only during the week to workout at the gym. I was looking for a plan. Should I do lifting upper body one day with sprints and lower body on Sundays? I wonder if I should worry about the little muscles like biceps and triceps? Should I just concentrate on big movements like squats and bench press?? Also I signed up for the e-fitness and never got anything back in my e-mail.

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    I would split the body, yes. I would do sprints sometime during the week (outside!) but not on the weekends as it will hinder your leg workouts. No need to worry too much on bis and tris if you're doing pull ups or chin ups and push ups or bench pressing. If you're new to lifting I would suggest heading over to or checking out "Starting Strength" for great and simple to follow guides on lifting, routines, sets, etc.

    Good luck.

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    Give some more info...

    Are you just trying to look (decent) or are you just trying to stay fit?

    the reason why I ask is because you dont have to worry about upper or separate lower body days in your 2 day plan if you focus on the MAIN exercises and only do... Dips, Chinups, Squats and/or sprints and add in some Clean & Presses and some optional ab work and if you do that you get an impressive enough physique to impress the ladies and...

    Dips will give you triceps and chest
    chinups will give you biceps and back
    squats/sprints takes care of legs
    clean and presses take care of every muscle in body except chest
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