Hi Karin, and welcome.
In my opinion Primal/Paleo lifestyle is difficult (if not impossible) to pull off while being a vegetarian.
Primal / Paleo follows the meat. Fatty pieces of meat… tons of saturated fat… organ consumption. It excludes grains and lentils. Dairy is a questionable component as well – some people eat it, some don’t. I can maybe see it being somehow possible to live off fish, eggs and dairy... and lots of fat. (I personally found it very difficult finding a good quality fish that comes from a known source…) but being strict vegan - it simply not going to work, i just cant think of what would you be able to eat.

And as for Tofu –
I would not recommend it to anyone. It’s unnaturally processed product that has no place in our diet. It never did.
Tofu (and any soy products really) consumption support GM soy monocrops that destroy not only our digestive system and messes up our hormones, but our planet.
If you decide to keep at it, tempeh is lesser evil out of the two. But it’s still “evil”

Best of luck... but primal might not be for you.