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Thread: Casein protein powder?

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    Casein protein powder?

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    Anyone have any knowledge about this stuff? Is it ok to use? My son regularly drinks protein shakes and usually buys whey-based products. Yesterday he came home with this new kind...main ingredient is miscellar casein. Is this ok or something to be avoided? Any opinions as to what the best/healthiest source of protein powder for athletes is?

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    Both casein and whey are milk derived proteins. Milk contains aproximately 20% wehyand 80% casein. Whey is absorbed quickly and causes a bigger spike in protein uptake than casein, while casein is absorbed over a longer period (think it might be 6 hours or something depending on dose) and results in an overall higher protein uptake. Assuming the protein powder is consumed just after workout and your son will be consuming a real post workout meal within an hour or two after training I think the general consensus is that whey is superior. Studies also show that real milk or choclolate milk is superior to shakes made up of a protein isolate and glucose, probably because the constituents of milk work synergistically. If meat is available right after workout I would do that and drop all the dairy isolate crap tbh, but otherwise whole milk > whey > casein.

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    Thanks for asking this question healthymama! I too have been interested in the different protein powders? Is there a specific time frame you are supposed to drink them? I've heard some people drink whey protein powder before working out & then I've heard some people drink casein protein powder right before bed....but I really never knew the actual reasons why or the 'schedule' to use! How do these powders play into a primal lifestyle?
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    Also, whey tends to be better tolerated than casein, those with intolerance to milk proteins are likely to be intolerant to casein rather than whey. I am fine with whey and lactose doesn't bother me, but casein-containing things like cheese do.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pandadude View Post
    whole milk > whey > casein.
    I'll second this. Undenatured whey and/or raw milk will also promote glutathione synthesis, which you will not get with casein powder

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