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    ...I'm wondering if I can start doing squats and stuff again (I'll start out light). It hurt so bad when I tweaked it last Thursday, I really freaked out. But the swelling is gone; I've been doing a lot of gentle long walks with it wrapped, and I think it's genuinely healed up.

    The initial MCL tear took over a month to heal in a brace...anybody else notice more rapid healing with PB?

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    Well, I don't damage myself (except ramming my bare toes into things) so I can't comment on healing on PB.

    BUT I know enough that you should not push things. A lot out there lately about all that "push through the pain" after injuries just hurts us more.


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    Not sure that is enough time to heal. Try doing some squats with no weights and if you feel OK then consider adding weight, but I would be cautious.

    I like doing 80/20 speed squats. You don't use any weights and you put 80% of your weight on one leg and 20 on the other. Squat down and pop up again quickly and repeat that motion for 30 reps, then switch legs. I often get airborne for the last 15 reps. It is a great exercise and puts little strain on your knees.

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