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Thread: Another "interpret my cholesterol test" post

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    Another "interpret my cholesterol test" post

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    I've been eating (mostly) primally since around February. I don't eat grains anymore, and rarely eat anything more carb-rich than the occasional banana, peach, or sweet potato. I eat do still eat dairy and nuts a lot, but I also eat a lot of coconut and I try to take a fish oil supplement regularly.

    So when I went to the doctor for my physical at the beginning of September, I requested a VAP test to get a more solid read on my cholesterol level. Here are my results:

    LDL 122
    HDL 46
    VLDL 11
    Total Cholesterol 180
    Triglycerides 37
    Non-HDL 134
    apoB100-calc 98
    LDL-R (Real)-C
    Lp(a) 115
    IDL 3.0
    Remnant Lipo 11
    HDL2 10
    HDL3 36
    VLDL3 7
    LDL1 8.8
    LDL2 14.5
    LDL3 66.3
    LDL4 25.8

    I'm a 23 year old male. Any of our more medically-minded folks want to comment on my results?

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    I should mention that I've lost over fifty pounds since going primal (from about 235 to 180), so I guess that I'm primal enough.

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    TG/HDL ratio is superb 37/46 ~ 0.8. That's all you need to know. Don't change a thing.
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    Yeah, my ratios are good. Griff's recommendations are in parentheses:

    Total/HDL: 180/46 3.9 (5 or less)
    Trig/HDL: 37/46 0.8 (2 or less)
    LDL/HDL: 122/46 2.7 (4.3 or less)

    What I'm trying to understand is the Pattern B LDL. I was under the impression that going primal caused it to shift towards Pattern A, and that Pattern B was "bad." Should I just be happy with the ratios and ignore the Pattern A/Pattern B thing?

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