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Thread: several questions about the cookbook

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    several questions about the cookbook

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    I think I am about ready to buy the cookbook, but I was wondering if anyone could tell me if he lists the portion sizes and nutritional information for each recipe. Working for a food magazine for almost 10 years kind of makes me a little OCD about it, but maybe it's CW I need to throw out with the trash. Take for instance, the egg muffins: how many are you suppose to eat to get adequate calories/fat/protein when all of it's mixed together and split 12 ways? Just divide by 12? Just eat until your full? Or color inside the lines and stick to my scrambled eggs?

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    No nutrition data, but he does give suggested servings for each recipe. In the case of the egg muffins, the recipe makes 6 large muffins and says that's 6 serving sizes.

    I have paid no attention to this though...still having way too much fun not worrying about how much I'm SUPPOSED to eat

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    Imo foods that contain low carbs aka fat/protein such as eggs or meat dishes (both can be with veggies ofc) should be eaten until satiety. Carby foods such as sweet potatoes and melons and stuff can stimulate hunger in some folks and you might not be able to eat correct portions. I think there are good reasons for the cookbook not containing nutritional breakdowns: Some of the dishes can be varied quite a bit with regards to using cream/coconut milk, preferred cooking oil and sweetener, so a breakdown might not say all that much. The primal mindset is also more about enjoying good quality foods, rather than worrying about macronutrients and counting calories. I'm not saying you shouldn't count calories if that helps you stay on track, but its not sustainable long term and should at least be abandoned when you reach your goals.

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    To get the nutritional breakdown of each recipe, plug the ingredients into, or some similar program and you will get that easily enough.

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