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Thread: Holiday Recipes - idea for a Sticky...?

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    Holiday Recipes - idea for a Sticky...?

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    Sheba's post got me thinking: - as it's coming up to holiday season, maybe a sticky for Primal Holiday Fare would be a good idea...?

    I can't cook for toffee (hell, I can't even COOK toffee!) but if they were all kept together in one place, then it'd be easy for folks to find - and add to...

    Here's a Halloween recipe I've just found on the BBC Good Food site, which is perfectly easy to 'Primalise' (just substitute coconut oil, or similar, for the veggie oil and this pumpkin 'leather', that the USites have told us how to make, for the tortillas).

    (to our American friends, sorry I don't know how to convert to cups)

    Here's another, which requires no 'Primalisation', good for Halloween or Bonfire Night

    One last one (contains honey, but I don't see what's wrong with that!) Good served with heavy cream!]

    Sorry they're all desserts, but savouries seem to be more difficult to 'Primalise'.

    Nope, good quick recipe for pumpkin soup here (but I'm sure you all have your own. To our Stateside mates, 'stock' is what you'd call 'broth').

    That's it - feel free to add to it.


    P.S. I saw brandy butter in M&S the other day - now THAT's depressing! Thy've probably had it in since the beginning of September and I've just not noticed. No sign of chrimbo puds yet, though - thank the gods!
    La tristesse durera toujours...

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    try morrisons they are full of them, and everything else xmas related.

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