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Thread: Slow Cooked Vegetable Recipe?

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    Slow Cooked Vegetable Recipe?

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    Guys -

    I'm having trouble getting vegetables in my diet. I am looking for a recipe for a slow cooker where I can mix a bunch of nutritious vegetables together, cook overnight and just have 8-10 servings ready to go during the week. I've searched quite a bit for a good recipe like this but haven't found anything suitable. Please if you have one, let me know...thanks!

    Also, it doesn't necessarily have to be a slow-cooker recipe. I just want to have a recipe with multiple high-quality vegetables that I can split up and have one serving of with my meals.

    Thank you!

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    Maybe ratatouille. It's a good bit of prep work I guess, but it can be delicious and you can make a huge batch and freeze portions. The linked recipe is stovetop, but I know it can also be done in the oven.

    You could also make a vegetable soup (broth, carrots, tomato, onion, garlic, squash, okra,....).

    I like to cook a huge batch of greens on the weekend and challenge myself to eat them all by the end of the week, haha.

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    simmer the veggies in a coconut milk curry... and add meat of course.

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    Roasted veggies warm up nicely, I cut up a large assortment of veg and throw into a bowl, toss with my oil of choice, LOTS of garlic, and then what ever else you want to season with. I have made blends with cumin, garlic, oregano, cocoa, and cinnamon! good stuff. Our basic is italian blend with garlic and some sea salt. Make sure not to skimp on the oil, and let it get crispy on the edges
    We roast pretty much anything, things like zucchini could be added later in the process since it cooks quicker. Sliced butternut squash roasts nicely, I dont even peel it.
    Brussel sprouts and cauliflower take on a whole different flavor (Thankfully!)

    The other thing is a big pot of cabbage, onion and tomatoes, simmered together, you can add carrots and celery and pepper if you like. It needs salt and pepper, Heats up nicely, we add burger sometimes, sometimes just use as a side dish.

    Curried vegs we have at least once a week, coconut milk, curry paste, and you veg selection.

    Greens heat up very nicely, and I love sunnyside eggs served ontop of greens!

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    Ideed, get out a big wok and throw in a bunch of veggies of choice with some cooking fat: I like cauliflower/broccoli, onions, thinly sliced/grated carrots, i'm not really sure what wouldn't work.. Dump a can of coconut milk and/or some broth/stock and/or tomato concentrate, add plenty of your favorite spices and let that thing simmer until everything is tender. You could also bake a whole tray of vegetables.. IMO crockpot veggies aren't that great, they often turnout quite soft and soggy and don't develop much flavor.

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    Slow cookers are best for things that can stand up to long cooking, like tougher meats, carrots, etc.

    I second roasting. I like veggies other ways, but roasting is great.

    If you are cooking cabbage a long time, use purple not green, unless you like the intense cabbage smell (I do).

    I buy large containers of baby spinach. (Yes, if I wasn't lazy, I would buy the spinach loose and get it ready myself. But I am lazy.) I throw the spinach into the pan I have fried eggs, bacon, etc. in. I cooks up almost instantly. Even if you don't care that much for spinach, it is really good fried up in butter or bacon grease. You could do this with other greens. But they would take a bit longer. And in the morning you may be in a rush.

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    The problem with veggies is the prep time. I try to carve out a couple of hours ont he weekend to clean, chop and steam or sautee or boil a bunch of veggies ( broccoli, peppers, eggpkant zucchini etc.) to keep int eh fridge all week to add to salads, soups, as sides etc.

    That should help. You can also buy frozen veggies which are really easy - not the ideal form but still a veggie.

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