I like to ingest flax seed for the fiber, Omega's and the lignans (sp) - plus other goodies. They are high in fiber, appear to have zero net carbs and zero sugars.

I used to take it with protein powder and a tablespoon of flax or other quality oil. I tend to mix things up and have been "off" this for a little bit but wanted to get back on.

Any thoughts on flax seed in regards to the PB way of eating? I normally eat lots of animal and veggie foods...which brings me to my next question....

Even though I am very "anti carb" in regards to grains of most types, I had noticed that since Ezekial bread is made from sprouted grain I don't experience any side affects like I do with normal "bread" of any sort. I read that our bodies more or less treat this as a veggie than a grain, due to the sprouted nature. I used to enjoy a slice or two, with coconut oil and/or almond butter. Felt good. Anyone else continue to have this in their Primal diet?

Thanks in advance!