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Thread: Flax Seed and Ezekiel Bread....

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    I believe flax is unhealthful. It contains a large amount of phytoestrogens (not good!) and has been linked to prostate cancer in men. I think it's just another of those food products that marketing departments have effectively hyped with no basis in fact. With few exceptions, most traditional societies cultivated flax for use in textiles or other products like paint. Rarely was it eaten. Currently flax is easy to promote because it contains the media darling Omega 3, but they are in the form of ALA. ALA barely converts to useful DHA and EPA in the human body at all.

    I don't consider it primal.

    Mark posts on it here:

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    Mark says THIS about Flax Seed

    Quote Originally Posted by Mark
    I’m not a huge fan of flax. For me, it’s a murky subject. It’s been linked to an increased risk of prostate cancer, but it’s also been linked to protection from prostate cancer. Confusing, right? I don’t consider it an essential part of anyone’s diet, but I’m leaning toward it being generally safe in moderation. If you’re a vegetarian or unable to get your hands on animal sources of Omega 3 fatty acids, a seed like flax might be a decent option, but for this grass-fed-meat-eating, fish-oil-swilling, antioxidant-rich-vegetable chomping audience, I don’t see why flax needs to be part of the dietary equation.

    2 tablespoons flax seeds
    95 calories
    Protein: 3.8g
    Carbs: 6.6g (5.4g fiber)
    SFA: 0.6g
    MUFA: 1.3g
    PUFA: 4.3g
    Omega 6: 0.8g
    Omega 3: 3.5g
    Best to all,

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    Oh dear. What happened to my post? If this turns out to be a double post, please forgive....

    What I said was something like: Thank you

    I will check out the links and really appreciate reading the "other side" of this equation. Good stuff....good folks here...thank you so much!

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    Both Ezekiel and my homemade sourdough bread fall into my "20%" rule. Neither are admittedly truly Paleo, but I do have a couple of slices during a Sunday brunch every now and then.

    If you can tolerate them without negative side effects, look upon them as a treat.

    I don't use flax seeds, so cannot speak to them.

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