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Thread: Giving in to sugar cravings page

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    Giving in to sugar cravings

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    Last night I had a major sugar craving, the first real bad one I've had since starting on PB... I held off for a couple hours but eventually caved. I bought a ton of strawberries and ate them all.

    Now, while my choice was considerably more Primal than some donuts or something, I'm worried I've set myself back. How easily can we be put back in carb-burning mode, instead of fat-burning like we're supposed to be? I'm not totally sure if I'm there yet either. I also don't want to just have cravings get worse and I actually go for those donuts.

    Should I strictly wait out cravings, or go ahead but go easy with fruit?

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    I can't even imagine you ate enough strawberries to propel you over 100 grams carbs.

    Mark recommends 50-100 grams a day for optimal fat burning.
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    Like someone said a few days ago on another thread, if the worst thing you ate was a freaking piece of fruit, chillax. You're not going to set yourself back. In fact, if you've been low-carb the last few days, your body will probably welcome the extra berries.

    Wait out cravings if you can, if you can't have some fruit or some dark chocolate or whatever. Or make an infrequent allowance for your 20% by having something more "bad." Just don't go nuts by overthinking every last bite you take.

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    couldnt agree more with the others... this is a journey and everyone slips a bit .. plenty on here me included who would love to "only" have yr slip .. dont sweat it

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    If you were in ketosis I'd say it'd take a lot of strawberries to come out of it. You would know if you were in ketosis, there are a few usual signs: firstly a day or two of feeling like absolute crap (the carb flu) with headaches, lightheadedness, tiredness etc, then you often get fruity breath (like overly ripe apples), then your appetite subsides considerably, your energy levels normalise and your sugar cravings disappear. You could have been in a very mild state or ketosis and still have been craving carbs, I wouldn't worry about it it's good to cycle low carb with higher carb every few days to keep your metabolism on it's toes anyway You don't need to be in full blown ketosis to enjoy the fat burning effect of a moderate carb diet anyway, keeping your insulin and glucagon regulated will still achieve good results.
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    unless you're trying to be superman, why would you not eat fruit (unless you don't like it)?

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    I wouldn't sweat it. I ate a quart of ice cream last night. I will get back on the horse for the next week. Then I might do it again. I think it might be worse to stress over what you ate that was bad then the actual eating of it. I also drank a six pack of Point 2012 Black Ale. I have to laugh when people say they fell off the wagon by eating a bunch of fruit. Just get back on the wagon and get going again. It isn't the end of the world.

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    I thought strawberries were Primal?? I think you made a good choice. Fruit is soooooo much better than doughnuts. But you knew that already!
    It will not set you back to have a bit of fruit once in a while.

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    pfft. i wish i handled my cravings by eating a load of fruit...

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    Quote Originally Posted by cemdev View Post
    pfft. i wish i handled my cravings by eating a load of fruit...
    same!!! Unfortunately I dont like fruit.

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