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Thread: Spiced Pumpkin Pie Smoothie

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    Lightbulb Spiced Pumpkin Pie Smoothie

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    this can be as light or filling as you want depending on your choice of milk or mylks. optional add ins can be raisins, other spice combos or raw chopped almonds. this really tastes like pumpkin pie too, i just made this today! enjoy it grok/grokettes

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    Gonna try this soon but prolly gonna used the pre-seasoned canned pumpkin since I don't even own all the spices

    I like the idea of adding raisins too

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    shemdogg: Be sure to check the label on the pumpkin. I know that pumpkin pie filling has lots of added sugar.

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    Quote Originally Posted by yodiewan View Post
    shemdogg: Be sure to check the label on the pumpkin. I know that pumpkin pie filling has lots of added sugar.
    agreed! stay away from the pie mix in the can! just get plain pumpkin, use cinnamon if you don't have all the spices. it will still taste great

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    pre-mixed pumpkin pie spice can be purchased at the grocery store very cheaply, or at a better quality from a spice store like for a little more. (I prefer the penseys pumpkin pie spice to apple pie spices when I make baked or fried apples, it's good on applesauce and with porkchops too)

    my recipe comes from a modification of the recipe of a certain smoothie chain. It's got a lot fewer ingredients than the OPs. All measurements are by volume.
    14 oz milk product (original calls for soy, I use whole)
    4 oz frozen yogurt
    3 oz pumpkin
    1 tablespoon pumpkin pie spice
    4 oz crushed ice
    BLEND (serves 2)

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    Oh. My. God. That sounds delicious. I will have to try it... though I will probably make it with whole milk since I don't have almond milk, maybe add a little protein powder in with it (99.9% of time I drink shakes/smoothies is PWO)
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    Wow pumpkin smoothie! That is a great idea On a similar note I made a pumpkin coconut mousse by accident yesterday that would be good if you wanted something slightly more substantial: http://foodfloraandfelines.blogspot....chocolate.html
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    I make spiced pumkin frozen chunks to throw in a smoothie when I am in the mood. I just pre-mix the spices with the puree and freeze in a mini muffin tin or ice cube tray. Once frozen, you can pop them out and store in a freezer bag.
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