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Thread: Primals in London, UK?

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    Primals in London, UK?

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    Today I noticed there is no 'primal' or similar group on, and that got me wondering how many primals there actually are in london?
    Also, it would be cool to arrange a meet-up or something! (And if anyone wants to, someone could create a group on meetup - i'm too disorganized to run that kind of group :P )

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    Hi, I live in SW11 and work around Oxford Cyrcus;
    I ve been primal for 3 months and will keep it that way for the rest of my life
    I usually LHT at the Wandsworth common or at the small playground near West Dulwich station.
    Tomorrow at 10ish I ll be at Wandsworth common for the last round of the level 4 basic movements.
    Are we neighbours by ny chance?

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    Hi guys, I'm a bit late to the party but I've just created this group on Facebook: so please join and let's organise some meetups in London!

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