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Thread: good teeth without brushing?

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    good teeth without brushing?

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    I was just talking with my mum and sister and they were talking about twilight, vampires and teeth.................

    Anyways, as we were talking about teeth my mum mentions how I have "beautiful" teeth, right then and there I said - "I never brush my teeth"
    Needless to say they were shocked.

    Do we really need to brush our teeth?
    I drink minted green tea and other kinds of green tea all day. Aswell as eating pretty good aswell. Do you think that with a good diet (ie, primal) and some good herbal teas we really dont need to brush our teeth?

    Im 16 - I have better teeth then some kids who do brush their teeth...weird ha


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    That's a good question - Does my dog brush his teeth? NO and his teeth are fine but then again... we're not dogs but I guess if you eat right and dont destroy your teeth with acids (sugars, fruit juices) then you may be okay but I'm no dentist
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    I guess beacuse your teeth isnt in contact with sugar and other nasties they arnt going to be as bad as other peoples who are exposed to the stuff...

    plus they would get stronger from chomping into lean meats and hard veggies..but i would still brush my teeth to keep my gums etc clean cause food still gets stuck in there!

    I think some people on here use baking soda to clean their teeth ? never tried it though.

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    i stopped brushing my teeth because of the flouride and couldn't find any non flouride tooth paste. I have a mint flavoured floss which I will use.

    How does one brush their teeth with baking soda?

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    Get yourself some OraMD and brush with that. Alternatively use coconut oil. I user interdental sticks instead of floss, and haven't had a cavity in years.

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    I read some time ago about a family whose boat sank and they were adrift in the seas for weeks. They did catch fish.. and some rain water. One comment the author made was how clean their teeth felt, even though they hadn't cleaned their teeth for weeks. All they ate was raw fish. Their teeth came out best out of the ordeal.. very interesting.

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    You just sprinkle some baking soda on your brush and wet it a little. Personally I've been brushing without any paste... most of the time; my girlfriend insists that I use some type of paste, so I use Burt's Bees Peppermint which comes in a flouride free variety.

    My main gripe with most pastes is that they just taste too darn sweet/funny/like artificial sweetener. The Burt's Bees is somewhat sweet, but not as bad as most. I also got some from Trader Joe's that is pretty good. I read a study that found that brushing without paste resulted in cleaner theeth than using paste; I'll try to dig it up.

    I wouldn't use baking soda every day. I think it's too abrasive.

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    Eh, I just brush with water. Serves the same purpose.
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    hmm I like the idea of brushing with water!!! and maybe every now and then, say once a week or month ill use baking soda + some minted floss, sounds good.

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    My first cavities showed up two years after I'd gone to university and started living on chocolate biscuits (and cleaning my teeth). In my teens I used to get compliments from the orthodontist on how well I looked after my teeth - when I never cleaned them at all. I'd guess that if you're blessed with good teeth in the first place, what you eat is the most important thing by far.

    By the way, for those who do have cavities, have you seen this?

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