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Thread: Daily Burn interviews Robb Wolf

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    Daily Burn interviews Robb Wolf

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    Nothing new for most people on this board, but still well done and a few interesting points.

    * Daily Burn staff is doing 30 day Paleo challenge.
    * Some good intro questions asked by the interviewer.
    * Robb said he does IF about 2-3 times a week and frequently when traveling. For him this is skipping breakfast.
    * I really liked this one - Robb Wolf pulled a good selling product from his Paleo Brands bit because he didn't think it was helping people. The produce itself was a snack that had some dried fruit, and after seeing people go a little overboard with it decided not to sell it. Kudos RW!
    * For people looking to lose body fat, Robb says stay away from liquid food; ie shakes, smoothies, etc.
    * His new book getting on to the NYTimes list is having a multiplier effect. I've seen interviews on NPR, now here. OK Daily Burn isn't mega huge, but they do have over 10K fans on facebook who are presumably interested in watching what they eat. Word is spreading!

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    Underground wellness also did a good interview with him.

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