Tiger -- thanks for the info. I actually hadn't even stopped to think just WHAT ilquid smoke is, but it's really great to know it's safe and natural

By the way, I tried the technique alwaysgettinglost linked to last night, using seasoned rice. It's quite sad but the only thing I had in the house to smoke was some Niman Ranch uncured bacon (I reeeeeally need to do some shopping), but I figured, what the hey. I took out an oven rack, cleaned it and rubbed it with olive oil to prevent sticking. I then put aluminum foil over the rice to keep the bacon drippings from getting in, and covered the rack with the bacon in aluminum foil (since I didnt have a dome-shaped lid large enough). I must've let it smoke for almost an hour, over low heat, until I decided that it was done. The smoking of the rosemary and thyme made the house smell amazing, but I can't really say the flavors were imparted onto the bacon. Nevertheless, the bacon tasted pretty good, and I liked that most of the fat was retained in the meat, instead of being cooked out.