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Thread: The most kick ass low-carb brownies you'll ever eat.

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    The most kick ass low-carb brownies you'll ever eat.

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    I decided to try and make some low carb brownies, just because sometimes I want something sweet. I scouted a few recipes and decided to do my own thing (quantity wise), some wanted more or less of things, I saw one with coffee granuals!

    Now before I made them, I thought they're going to taste LIKE a substitute, I love being primal but there are some things I miss. But I kid you not, these are the same, if not better ( especially the preecooked melted mix, gosh!) than normal brownies. I've had 4 squares and decided to stop now. If you've not yet made brownies yet, try them! They are absolutely astonishingly delish.

    The consistency is pretty much the same, very light feeling, no stodgyness. Impressed!

    I used this recipe:

    But I used half a stick of butter (didn't want to use a WHOLE stick, insane man)
    and 3 eggs.

    20 minutes in the oven on 350f / 180c.

    Honestly, you will be amazed.

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    Almost TWO cups of Splenda? Do you know what's IN that crap?

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