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Thread: what will i look like tomorrow?! :s :s :s

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    Ok so pretty sure I only had 1/2 a cup of olive oil (maybe less?), which is fine IMO.

    Grizz, Why???? Because it's so tasty and versatile! Thing is I had a huge craving for curry (???) and I wanted to dip a carrot into something delicious. The rest is history. And it was soo good!

    I wish I was running to the toilet... but my body does whatever it wants when it's that time of the month, regardless of diet, not that my digestion is any of your business!

    Thank you Neil! lol Exactly, awesome dip!

    So, just in case, I IF'd from 1pm yesterday to 7am this morning, then did it all again (with less oil...)! A craving is a craving.. is a craving.

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    nat thats just hilarious

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    Quote Originally Posted by Adrianne View Post
    You might look like someone sitting on the toilet tomorrow...
    . Made me laugh.

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    There's just something perfect about this thread

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    People in Greece consume that much olive oil or more in one sitting...they dip bread in it (over and over and over and over) for an appetizer, they eat food SLATHERED in in (swimming), and then consume more oil/bread with the dinner. It's kindof that I think about it. And even though I know that I am not touching bread again (ever...I have Celiacs) I still think about how good a hearty country bread dipped in a fresh olive oil tastes on a hot summer evening oceanside after a hard day's work.
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